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Better patient experience

We know you care about your patients, and so do we. We provide your patients with an instant, convenient, and transparent way to settle their debt to you.

1 month collection period

Collection agencies take up to 8 months to bug your patients to pay. We use digital communication channels to identify the patients on whom we must focus our efforts to help you get paid faster.

Superior recovery

Despite the fact that patients can have different reasons not to pay you, we try to help each and every one of them. Consequently, our success is double the industry average. With us, you literally collect more.

What is Collectly?

Collectly is a collection service for healthcare providers and medical billing companies.

We combine information on patients from multiple EHR systems, analyze it, and execute collections better than traditional collection agencies.

How it works

Collectly gives your patients instant solutions so they are twice as likely to pay you.


Tap away payments for smaller amounts like co-pays. No excuses to pay later.


Payment plans and discounts for higher amounts. We track all installments so you don’t have to.


We provide your patients with transparent explanations so there are no payment delays or manual work due to unanswered questions


HIPAA Compliance

Our software is completely HIPAA compliant thanks to end-to-end data encryption, multiple backups, and our strict security policies, so we share PHI with only the patients themselves. With Collectly, you are 100% covered.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets.* Collectly integrates seamlessly with your practice and revenue cycle management software. Simply click the connect button, and all bills and payments will stay in sync.


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