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Software to bill patients digitally with personalized follow-up campaigns, provide instant support via live-chat, and build online payment plans. Zero manual actions. Plugs-in to your EHR or billing software.

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Instant payments

We send a digital statement to your patients via text and email with an easy-to-pay button. Once the patients click it they can see their detailed bill, and make an instant payment.

80% less calls

If your patients have a question about their bill or their health plan, they don’t have to call you. An integrated live chat feature allows you to communicate with them securely.

Autonomous Posting

Once a payment is received, Collectly automatically posts it into your billing software. With this feature, you can avoid needless manual data entry and scale your operations limitlessly.

HIPAA Compliant Digital Statements Delivered Instantly

Patients receive digital tap-away statements via text and email, meaning more than 80% of your patients will be notified of an open balance on the same day you generate statements. Collectly allows you to take back control of your statements, and track exactly when a particular patient has been notified about an open balance.

HIPAA Compliant Digital Statements
Single-Click Online Payment Even on Mobile

Single-Click Payment

You can get paid with the click of a button. Collectly’s streamlined payment process ensures patients are more likely to pay their bill.

Pre-Approved Payment Plans Help You Get $ Faster

If needed, patients can build a personalized payment plan from the pre-approved options you make available from your dashboard.

One-click online payment even from mobile
Live Chat Support for Patients

Live Chat Reduces Up to 80% of Calls

If your patients want to ask you about their medical bill, health insurance plan, EOB or any other visit-related question, they can simply and easily do it online. Each of your billing professionals can securely communicate with your patients and help them settle their balance through live chat.

Autonomous Payment Posting Drops Your Billing Costs

All payments done via Collectly are posted automatically in your RCM software, no manual entry necessary. Huge savings done hassle free.

One-click online payment even from mobile

HIPAA Compliance

Our software is completely HIPAA compliant thanks to end-to-end data encryption, multiple backups, and our strict security policies. We make sure PHI is shared only with the patients themselves. With Collectly, you are 100% covered.


Collectly seamlessly integrates with your revenue cycle management software. Simply click the connect button, and all the appropriate data will be synchronised.

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